The Project

Romania and Bulgaria have been in the EU for five years now. But have we gotten to know them better ever since? Hardly, we believe – and want to change that. With microphone, camera and notepad at hand we will start our Journey to explore and to report.

What do we want to find out?

We will travel in two teams, for four weeks, through Romania and Bulgaria. The questions guiding us are: What constitutes both countries? What is going on five years after their joining? And what has been accomplished since then?

What are we going to do?

Romania and Bulgaria are neglected members of the European Union ever since their joining. Word was even of “second class EU citizens”. German media hardly ever report about European countries further east than Poland or the Czech Republic. Concerning Romania and Bulgaria it’s a lot of stereotypes. Bulgaria? Cheap holidays! Romania? That’s where Dracula’s from, isn’t it?

Our aim is to establish new perspectives in the reporting about Romania and Bulgaria – young perspectives. We want to meet people and talk to them about their hopes and fears. We won’t be completely by ourselves on our travels. There will be young Bulgarian and Romanian journalists joining us. Our colleagues will help us to get in touch with people and will translate whenever it seems necessary. And they will also show us their countries from their very own perspectives. Together we will tell stories – written, in photographs, sounds and videos. They will be published in our blog and in German, Rumanian and Bulgarian media.

By the end of our journey, our two teams will meet at the only bridge over the river Danube that connects Bulgaria and Romania.

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